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Social Media Bundle: Instagram Carousels + Story Templates


Easy to use Canva Templates for your galleries to catch eye’s and slow scrolls on Instagram while elevating your business’s digital portfolio and feed. x @dawn_photo Instagram carousel and story templates were designed with all photographers in mind. 

These templates can be adjusted based on your brand preferences and were created to have a seamless and natural look.

Hurcomb Creative designed these templates with Dawn’s storytelling style of photography in mind. Using these templates, you can position your images to allow the whole story to unfold in the palm of your follower’s hands.

Instagram Carousel Templates

Instagram carousel templates created with photographers’ artistry in mind. It’s hard enough to keep up with editing galleries let alone trying to get them in a perfect carousel, all while juggling your to-do lists. These Instagram carousel templates have made my workflow and marketing exciting and more importantly, efficient– and I have a feeling they will do the same for you.

In the Canva Instagram carousel templates you will find:

  • 31 1x1 Mix and Match Instagram Carousel Designs - Made for Canva (Free or Pro!)
  • 31 4x5 Mix and Match  Instagram Carousel Designs  - Made for Canva (Free or Pro!)
  • Tutorial Videos to teach you how to customize your designs, and slice them either through a web app or photoshop.
  • Fully able to be designed within Free or Pro Canva.

Instagram Story Templates   these can also be used for reel covers.

Instagram story templates created with photographers’ artistry in mind. If you struggle knowing exactly how to share your galleries on Instagram stories, these templates were created for you. It has never been easier to drag, drop, and create stunning stories that showcase your art in an engaging, impactful, and efficient way. 

In the Canva Instagram story templates you will find:

  • 75 Template Designs - Made for Canva (Free or Pro!)
    • Broken down with slides made specifically for highlight bubbles in Instagram:
      • About Me
      • My Approach
      • What to Expect
      • Next Steps
      • After You Book
      • Travel Schedule
      • Bucket List Travel Destinations
      • Available Dates
      • Testimonials + Kind Words
      • Blog Collages
      • Collage Pages
      • OR you can make the designs whatever you want them to be!
  • Tutorial Video to teach you how to customize your designs, and download properly to post to social media. 
  • Fully able to be designed within Free or Pro Canva.

Download the Instagram templates today to share your galleries in an authentic, aesthetic way.

Complete the look:

Fully Customizable Canva Templates

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Create Storytelling Content

Social Media Bundle: Instagram Carousels + Story Templates






What software do I need to utilize these?

You will need to have a Canva account in order to easily download and customize the templates!

Can I customize these?

Yes! You will also receive a tutorial video on HOW TO customize these templates!

Do you accept refunds?

Refunds are not accepted because all of the guides and other resources are digital products for which access cannot be revoked. If you are not happy with your product, email me!


Carousel + Story Posts

Truly one of the most fun ways to create storytelling content for social media by layering photos in a cinematic way, updating all your highlights to match your brand, and creating informational + fun info through your stories.


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