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40+ Amazon Essentials for Wedding & Elopement Photographers


40+ Amazon Essentials for Wedding & Elopement Photographers

Client Gifts

Let’s start out with some of my favorite items to create amazing gifts for my clients! I’m a huge believer that client experience is EVERYTHING, and is one of the best things to invest your time + money in to improve. Your clients are the lifeline of your business and deserve not only an incredible, unforgettable elopement experience, but also somebody who truly cares about them (you!). They’re also the people who will refer you + spread your name around to their friends and loved ones if you leave a lasting impression on them, and word of mouth is everything in this business! Giving your clients meaningful gifts is such a great way to elevate their experience with you + help them remember the intention you put into working with them.

Want to dive deeper into ways to uplevel your client experience? Check out my Ultimate Client Experience Course!

Fujifilm Instax Mini EVO

If you’ve ever wished that you could print photos from your phone onto a Polaroid/Instax film, then your dream is about to come true, my friend—the Instax Mini EVO is literally my favorite camera EVER (besides my Sony’s!). I love using it to take pics of clients during their shoot that they can take home with them, as well as just in my personal life when I want to print out Polaroid-style photos from my phone!

This camera truly does it all.:

✨ Self Timer⁣

✨ Edits in Camera⁣

✨ Prints from Camera or from Phone with bluetooth connection⁣

✨ Has 10 Color Settings (like black + white, and sepia)⁣

✨ Has 10 Camera Settings (like double exposure + double frame)⁣

✨ Saves all the photos to a micro SD⁣

✨ Can hook onto a tripod⁣

✨ Has a selfie mirror⁣

+ so much more! It’s not the cheapest Polaroid camera, but it sure is worth it for all the different things you can use it for!

Instax Mini Film

Don’t forget to buy film to use in your camera :) This twin pack is definitely the best bang for your buck, especially if you’re going to be using a lotttt of it like I do.

Instax Mini Leather Photo Album

I freaking love this little album, it’s perfect for storing all of your Fujifilm Instax Mini film shots and is made of this beautiful brown PU leather! 10/10 recommend putting the photos you take of your clients into this album and gifting it to them at the end of their elopement day. Make sure to snag one for yourself, too, so you can store all your own pics in a stylish, easily-accessible way!

Brass & Glass Keepsake Box

If you’d rather store your photos in a slightly different way or are looking for another way to gift your clients’ their photos, this glass display case/keepsake box is the best! The clear glass makes it easy to see your memories all the time, whether you wanna store it on your coffee table or on your desk, and I love the antique vibes of the brass frame.

On-The-Go Lifesavers

Next, let’s go through a few things I never leave my house without, whether I’m heading to a photoshoot or on a trip with my family.

Portable Apple Charger

This is without a doubt my favorite portable charger I’ve ever used, y’all. My phone battery is ALWAYS drained by the end of a photoshoot, and I never want to be left without my maps or ways to communicate—so this is a must-have! It can charge both your iPhone and your Apple Watch, and can literally fit on your key ring for super easy access at all times.

Car Power Inverter

If you’re like me and spend a tonnn of time in your car driving to and from photoshoots, and you’d rather have a bigger source of power to rely on, get this car charger! It plugs easily into the cigarette lighter spot in your car, and has two AC outlets + 2 USB ports you can use. It charges super fast and is a lifesaver for long drives where you won’t be able to stop anywhere to charge your devices. It’s also better than a typical car charger/portable charger because of those two AC outlets, which allow you to charge your laptop! Great if you wanna spend some time editing in the car after a shoot, or you have somebody else driving you and you can edit on the way home.

Rainy Day Items

Now we allll know as elopement + wedding photographers that it’s impossible to predict the weather. Especially if you live somewhere that gets a lot of rain (like the PNW), it’s incredibly important that you’ve prepared both your clients AND your gear for inclement weather such as rain, snow, etc.! Most cameras nowadays have really great weather protection, but it never hurts to have an extra layer of safety. So here are a few items I always bring with me in case of rain to keep myself, my clients, and my gear safe + comfortable!

Camera Hot Shoe Umbrella

This one is my favorite, y’all. I look hilarious when I use it, but it’s the easiest way to protect your camera from rain without having to try and cover it with a poncho or some sort of rain case. It’s literally a tiny umbrella that attaches to the top of your camera, where a flash would go! Plus it comes with a handy little waterproof storage bag that you can stick other items in. This also works great if you want to block your camera from direct sun on really hot days + prevent it from overheating!

Pre-Moistened Lens Cleaning Wipes

Scratch-free wipes for cleaning dust, moisture, and other dirt/grime off of your camera lenses!

Microfiber Quick-Dry Towels

The last thing you want is for you or your clients to be super cold if they get wet on a rainy day, or to have to sit down on wet rocks/dirt/grass. It’s always a good idea to keep a couple of microfiber towels on hand, as they can really come in useful in a lot of different scenarios when you’re spending time outdoors.

Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Rechargeable hand warmers are a game changer on cold days, both for you and your clients! It’s sooo miserable trying to use your camera + change your lenses when your fingers are red and numb. . .we’ve all been there. So make sure to have a couple pairs of these on hand (haha), even on warm days—you never know how chilly it’ll get in the evening/up at higher elevations/etc!

HotHands Body & Hand Super Warmers

In addition to the rechargeable hand warmers, it’s smart to just keep a box of traditional, air-activated hand warmers in your car at all times, just in case you can’t find a place to recharge the electronic ones—or if you end up wanting larger ones to use on other parts of your body.

Camera Lens Rain Cover

If you want to be extra cautious, use both the umbrella + this camera lens rain cover. You’ll barely get a speck of water on your gear!

Clear Umbrellas

I’m sure you’ll agree that shooting in the rain can be SO magical, especially when your clients are holding cute, clear umbrellas instead of the typical black/blue/patterned ones! Plus, they’ll keep your clients dry + their hair/makeup looking amazing despite the weather.

Photoshoot Accessories

Onto some of my recent favorite accessories that I take to photoshoots—you can find a full list of what’s in my gear bag here!

JBL Clip 3 Bluetooth Speaker

My all-time fav portable speaker. It lasts up to 10 hours and clips right onto your camera bag, harness, or belt loops!

Mini Tracking Tripod

I will be using this for all my future content creation, and getting fun videos with my family on all our adventures! It’s soo easy to use + it’s rechargeable!!

It also comes with its own tripod, or you can hook it up to any other tripod, I use my mobile one (the next item on this list) to get it higher up.

How to use it:

  1. Put your phone in the holder
  2. Press the top button
  3. Make sure the front sensor has caught your face on the camera
  4. Test it before your using it
  5. Press record on the video
  6. Start moving!!


Phone Tripod

Love bringing this tripod with me to shoots to get easy, effortless BTS photos/vids!

Vintage Lanterns

These lanterns are super cute and are SO fun to use once the sun sets. Play around and don’t be afraid to get creative with dusk + nighttime lighting, y’all!

Must-Have Office Items  

As a full time work from home business owner, I know how important it is to have items in your workspace + on your desk that keep you comfortable, organized, and productive. Below are some of the items I keep in my office + use on a regular basis, and then I’ll give you a list of what I actually keep on/around my desk while I’m working!

Portable Travel Monitor

Ever find yourself trying to work/edit while you’re traveling and just WISH you had a second screen? It’s pretty much impossible to bring a large monitor with you when you’re traveling, so this portable travel monitor is an actual lifesaver y’all! You can use it as a display for any phone, PC, Mac, etc., and it has a foldable kickstand for easy, sturdy use.

Under Desk Walking Pad

When you’re super busy working (especially if you have littles like I do), it can be nearly impossible to find time to exercise, or even just to get up + stretch for a bit. That’s why I freaking love my walking pad! It’s amazing because it’s super compact (for a treadmill, that is), it can be stored + used under a standing desk, and it’s easy to use. 

Lap Desk

We all like to work from the couch/our bed once in a while, right?! This lap desk is amazing for working comfortably on your laptop away from your desk, without putting any pressure on your legs or blocking the fans on your laptop.

Samsung T7 Shield 2TB Portable SSD

The best portable SSD I’ve ever used; it’s super reliable and is designed to be protected against water, dust, and drops. Plus it’s beige and so cute—here’s the case I use for mine as well!

LED Floor Lamp

Finally, I love this remote control floor lamp for my office (or really anywhere in my home). It’s got both touch + remote control, adjustable brightness, and three color temperatures to choose from.

What’s On My Desk

Height Adjustable Desk Converter

If your neck gets sore looking down at your laptop or monitor, get this height adjustable desk converter! It also makes it so that you can stand at your desk without having to buy an actual, expensive, full-on standing desk.

Cable Management Organizer

I cannot standdd when my cables are all over the place under my desk! I’d much rather have these two cute boxes to manage them all + hide the tangled mess, haha.

Elbow Rest Pads

These elbow rest pads are a game changer for making your workspace more ergonomic—they go right in front of your keyboard so that your elbows have a cushion to lay on while you work/type.

Candle Warmer Lamp

This is probably one of my fave items on this whole list! Want to use your candles without the smoke + flame, and get way longer use out of them? This candle warming lamp is, first of all, SO cute and stylish, and second of all, so useful for melting your candles!

Acrylic Memo Tablet

Just a simple acrylic dry erase board that stands up on your desk for when you want to write down quick thoughts + notes!

Wireless Charging Mouse Pad

Not only is this mouse pad super clean + cute for your desk—it’s a 3-in-1 wireless phone charger AND desk organizer, too!

Wireless Charging Stand

My fave wireless charger that I can use to charge both my phone and my AirPod case at the same time, no cords required.

Bluetooth Speaker

When I’m not out on a shoot in the middle of nowhere, using my portable clip-on speaker, this is the speaker I use! It’s cute, high quality, and doubles as a charger for your phone and AirPods case.

LED Clip Video Light

If you’re like me and take a TON of Zoom calls at home + are always recording videos for social media, having a strong LED light is a game changer. It elevates the quality + professionalism of your videos sooo much, even if you’re in your home office without a super cute background or anything!

Car Camping Necessities

Finally, I wanted to include some of my favorite items to use when I go car camping—because I’m assuming that a lot of you elopement photographers often find yourself spending the night in your car after a shoot, too! Here are some of the things I use to stay safe + comfy :)

Portable Power Station

The power inverter I mentioned earlier in this blog is great, but if you’re staying in your car overnight or want a bigger station you can rely on for longer periods of time, definitely snag this one. It only takes 2 hours to recharge 80% of the power station’s battery, and it’s got 2 AC outlets, 1 USB-C port, 1 fast charge 3.0 port, 1 USB-A port, and 1 DC car port.

Privacy Sunshade

To keep the sun AND any creepers out!

Bear Spray

Make sure you stay safe and have bear spray on you anytime you’re out in the wilderness where you could run into bears!

Rechargeable Travel Makeup Mirror

For a refresh in the morning! It even comes with LED lights and a dimmable touch screen :) 

Car Trunk Organizer

This is just great to keep in your car in general, so you can store things like tire chains, jumper cables, microfiber towels, First-Aid/emergency kits, blankets, Rain-X, etc.

Portable Electric Kettle

For your morning coffee/tea, or to help you + your clients enjoy a warm drink during a chilly shoot.

Owala Insulated Stainless Steel Water bottle

I’m a Stanley girl at heart, but this is my favorite bottle to take with me on the go!

Laptop Sun Shade

So you can edit/work in your car without the sun reflecting on your screen.

More Resources and Education for Wedding & Elopement Photographers

I hope that this list gave you some amazing ideas of ways to elevate your client experience, and to help your business succeed! If you’re looking for more resources and education for wedding & elopement photographers, I’ve got SO much goodness waiting for you in the Shop, on the Blog, and in Basecamp; my online education platform that helps photogs build a thriving business! I can’t wait to see all the amazing things you do for your biz + your clients, and would so love to connect on IG if we haven’t already! :)


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