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Everyday Card Case


The ultimate on-the-go memory card organizer designed exclusively for photographers, videographers, vloggers + creatives. Say goodbye to the stress of misplaced or scattered memory cards and say hello to your new favorite way to stay aesthetically organized on the go.

Key Features:

Easy Access: The Everyday Card Case is ingeniously crafted for quick and easy access during your photo sessions. No more fumbling through bags or pockets – your memory cards are neatly organized and readily available when you need them most.

Lightweight and Portable: Designed with the photographer's dynamic lifestyle in mind, this card case is compact, lightweight, and easy to transport. Slip it into your camera bag, pocket, or attach it to your belt loop – it's the perfect companion for photographers on the move.

Individual Slots for Organization: Individual slots for each card, providing a systematic and organized storage solution. Easily distinguish between used and unused cards, ensuring you never miss a shot.

Lightweight + Portable

Individual Slots for Organization

Aesthetically Organized

Everyday Card Case


Aesthetically Organized

Individual Slots for Organization

Lightweight + Portable


How many cards can it hold??

The case has 4 pouches with a stitch in the middle except for the bottom pouch that has no stitch. The case can hold 10 SD cards or 20 if you decide to place 2 cards in one slot.

Capable of holding SD, Micro SD, CF + CF Express Memory Cards.

How can i keep this clean?

We recommend spraying the card case with scotch-guard before using it!

Do you accept refunds?

Refunds are not accepted at this time!

fully created


This everyday card case was made for creatives to feel connected to their gear they are using. It's aesthetic, and functionally smart to keep your cards safe.

lets create

the BEST Client Experience

The card case can also hold on to business cards + mini instax under the first pouch to keep everything safe while you're working.

keeping it safe

Lanyard + Clip

Using the lanyard and clip, you can clip it inside your camera bag, to your pant loop or even camera strap to make sure you never lose it.


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