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Taking BTS at Your Photoshoots and Why it’s Important!

Taking BTS at Your Photoshoots and Why it’s Important!

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how often I’m taking BTS on my phone and new Ray Bands glasses! I’m often getting little videos for my clients, but these videos are so great for you and your photo business as well! 


Why BTS is important

Having videos of you taking photos is such a great asset for your photography business! Potential clients are always looking to learn more about you, and if you can show up in a fun way that fits with their vision! These BTS videos give them one more reason to book with you because they know how you act at photoshoots and how you help your clients!

How to take BTS at your session

By yourself

I’ve mastered the art of holding my phone while taking videos of clients so they get cute videos of their session back! If double shooting seems overwhelming to you, this phone tripod attaches to your camera and is super easy to take videos with while you’re shooting! To take videos of yourself either during a session, or at a location you love for a reel, grab a phone tripod that you can take with you to get little videos of yourself to trim down!

With an assistant/friend

You can also bring an assistant, friend, or significant other to your sessions to take videos of you working! This may already be included in your contract, but if someone is helping you drive to the session, have them take a few videos of you working on their phone!

What to do with your videos

For your current clients

I love taking videos of my clients at their session, stitching them together in an app like Cap Cut then airdropping it to them at the end of their day! Since I shoot so many micro weddings and elopements, they often don’t get photos from guests, so this is an easy way to give them videos and photos instantly to share with loved ones! You can also put your phone on a tripod and record special moments like their vows while you shoot!

For your marketing

Y’all!! Use these in your reels and tiktoks! If it’s a location you love or a timelapse of you working this is great for content!! I love to organize my videos in folders in my phone with categories like:

  • Me working
  • Me shooting
  • Clients by ocean
  • Elopements in mountains
  • Location videos
  • Fun posing inspo
  • Unique photoshoot ideas

This makes it easy to grab videos and create reels/TikToks and add them to your story!

For your future clients

All of these videos show that you’re an expert in so many areas such as directing a session, outfit ideas, location ideas, etc! You can even record videos at locations you love and send them to people trying to decide on spots so they get a 360 view of where they can get married!

Most importantly, you showing up and potential clients seeing your face and how you act builds so much trust and makes them so much more likely to book you because they feel like they know you!

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