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Complete Set of Client Guide: Canva Templates


Say hey to the ultimate one-stop shop bundle for all your client experience needs in the style of your choosing (Opal, Onyx, Obsidian, Analog, and Jade). The bundle includes:

Wedding + Elopement Guides Bundle. An in-depth, completely customizable, 52 page guide to share your expertise, empower your couples to plan the day of their dream, and ensure all your clients' questions will be answered. The topics covered range from unique ceremony ideas to commonly asked questions to interactive date night ideas to help them plan their big day and sets you up to equip your clients as they navigate the planning process, all while making you look professional as heck. This jam-packed guide includes copywriting prompts for you to utilize, in addition to making it custom to your business.

Session Planning Guide. This 20-page guide will support your clients in feeling prepared and confident. The sections throughout this guide cover everything from outfit prep to posing to commonly asked questions you receive as a photographer or videographer. 

Pricing Guide. This concise, completely customizable guide helps position you as an expert while sealing the deal for clients who are interested in booking with you. Let this guide do the heavy lifting, so that the money talk isn’t holding you back. Included in this guide is 4 pages of content with copywriting prompts to support you in making this your own, while delivering a strategic framework for you to pull from.

Location Guide. This 8 page, completely customizable, guide helps your clients visualize your recommendations for shoot locations and more (think: comparing seasons for their session, choosing an airbnb to get ready in prior to their wedding or elopement, or even picking what time of day to shoot at a certain location). By doing the legwork (and presenting it to your clients in an aesthetic, easy-to-consume way), you’re saving time and stress. 

Album Guide. This guide helps you increase sales as a photographer through selling albums. Having an aesthetic, on brand guide to help clients navigate the album designing and purchasing process will help you streamline AND sell. Client experience after sessions is always something to keep in mind and this  10 page  guide will help do just that (while also increasing revenue at the same time)!

Client Guide Template Collage Page Add Ons. This Template Collage Page Add On allows you to easily tailor your client guides to your brand and business by incorporating the 56 pages of designs that are completely customizable based on your needs. Available both vertically and horizontally, these add-ons will have you set for ALL your client guide needs.

This collection was created for the photographer eager to achieve a boho look with their art. With a neutral, soft touch, Jade templates connect you and your art to the potential clients who are looking for just that. The arch shapes and mellow, yet dazzling personality of this style perfectly complement the work and experience you bring.

This collection was created for the photographer seeking vibrance and livliness in their imagery. With a colorful, fun look, Opal templates showcase your imagery and words in a bold, spirited way. The square shapes and creative elements bring your potential clients into your light-hearted, yet still engaging and polished approach from the get-go.

This collection was created for the photographer seeking an editorial vibe through their imagery. With a clean, modern look, Onyx templates illustrate the refined process and images you create. The oval shapes and stylish look prompt conversation and interest with your ideal audience who is seeking after something that feels both chic and eloquent.

This collection was created for the photographer excited about incorporating a cinematic flare into the look and feel of both their imagery and brand. With a nostalgic, creative touch, Analog templates bring clients into the realm of how priceless memories and imagery truly are, when captured well. The film frames and unique touches of this style showcase your  trendy, yet timeless experience.

This collection was created for the photographer seeking romance in their imagery. With a dark, minimal look, Obsidian templates pull in a heightened sense of emotion The rectangle shapes and simplistic design allow your words and images to pack a punch through serving your clients and audience with an elevated, wow-filled user experience.

Fully Customizable Canva Templates

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Complete Set of Client Guide: Canva Templates


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What software do I need to utilize these?

You will need to have a Canva account in order to easily download and customize the templates!

Can I customize these?

Yes! You can go beyond choosing your preferred style (Opal, Onyx, Obsidian, Analog, and Jade) and FULLY customize the guides and other resources to fit your brand aesthetic and voice to a T.

How do I know which “style” to pick?

  • Here’s a quick vibe-check of each style you can choose from:
  • Obsidian: dark, minimal, and romantic - with rectangle shapes
  • Opal: colorful, fun, and bold - with square shapes
  • Onyx: clean, modern, and editorial - with oval shapes
  • Analog: nostalgic, creative, and cinematic - with film frames
  • Jade: boho, neutral, and soft - with arch shapes

You can also compare all the styles here to see which one is a fit for your brand aesthetic!

How do I know what copy to put in the guide(s)?

Great question, I’ve got you! Each guide includes a copy prompt guide to help you clearly communicate with your clients.

Do you accept refunds?

Refunds are not accepted because all of the guides and other resources are digital products for which access cannot be revoked. If you are not happy with your product, email me!

So grateful for these templates that minimized the decision making, allowed me to quickly input photos and information and are gorgeous for my clients.  Love love love."

Laurken Kendall

They are extremely easy to use and easy to make your own. In my business, client guides are something I’ve always wanted to create but I’ve always been pretty intimidated by the time it would take to really get these where I would want to be. With Dawn & Maggie’s guide templates, I was able to make multiple guides in no time at all. 

Jordan Voth

The ‘How to Write Your Copy’ pdf is jam packed with everything you need to write your copy including timeline examples, checklists, tips, and soooo much more!! These guides will totally transform your business & client experience!!!!”

Harriet Thompson

About the Makers:

About Dawn

The photography industry has been my calling and greatest passion the past 13 years, along with being a wife and mama to my boys. After shooting hundreds of elopements and couples sessions, the transition to helping other photographers elevate their businesses and their art, felt natural.

Maggie and I have teamed up to create these beautiful guide templates for ya'll! With my knowledge of photography and the client experience side of things, and Maggie's knowledge of graphic design, these products are the perfect combination of gorgeous design to achieve top tier client experience.

About Maggie

Having the privlege of crafting brands + websites that help other business owners attract their dream clients by embracing their personality is the greatest honor. I’ve designed for nearly 100 photographers over the last 7 years, and I've loved every second of it.

Designing these templates that allow you to bring your personality into every area of your client experience, and getting to doing it alongside such an incredible artist and friend of mine has been so much fun!

Included in This Product

64 Page Elopement Guide Template

52 Page Wedding Guide Template

28 Page Session Planning Guide Template

16 Page Pricing Guide Template

8 Page Location Guide Template

10 Page Album Guide Template

28 Horizontal Photo Add On Pages

28 Vertical Photo Add On Pages

All the copy guide prompts for EACH guide

fully customizable

Canva Template

This guide is COMPLETELY ready for you, to use as is, or to completely rebrand + customize it to your style.

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the BEST Client Experience

Your clients want clear, concise, aestheticly pleasing information. They want to see the value in your work + these guides will help you achieve that level to help you book high-end clients.

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Ultimate one-stop shop bundle for all your client experience


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